About Us

From the very start, in 1987, our focus has been to do everything in our power to keep a satisfied customer by providing a high-quality product and reliable service.  Since then, we have been on the cutting edge of plastic fabrication and have worked with customers throughout the midwest. Our services include in-house precision CNC machining and screen printing.  We also offer fulfillment and shipping services to save our customers time and money.

The industries we serve include awards and promotional material, point-of-purchase and store merchandising, displays and showcasing, electronic, food service, promotional and architectural signage, and more.  The work we do can be seen in countless applications.

The Management Team



Founder and Strategic Consultant

Jose started Aviles Plastics in 1987, and there have been quite a few changes since the days when he began the business without machinery.  At the time, he rented a small corner of a building on 1st and Lapham, and without equipment, he purchased pre-cut pieces of acrylic to fulfill the small orders he managed to get.

For Jose, starting the business was hard.  He had been working for many years as the plant manager of a plastic fabrication company in Brookfield, Wisconsin.  When the company began to have financial troubles and was laying off workers, Jose decided he would go into business for himself.  He had a great deal of experience in plastic fabrication, and he knew many of the buyers from his years as a plant manager.   However, he didn’t have any capital or any business contracts at that time.  He was married and had four children.  While his wife, Irma, worked nights to bring home some money, he worked on a table in a small corner.  He told potential customers, “Guys, give me a chance.  Give me your little orders.”  It was hard.  They knew he didn’t have machinery, he was just starting, and they weren’t sure he could produce what he promised them.  He was turned down and refused for months before he finally got a few small orders.  With the proceeds from those orders, he finally was able to buy and construct a few machines.  Jose did everything from sales, to design and layout, to fabrication and shipping.  He was a ”one man band”.  That was the beginning of Aviles Plastics in the summer of 1987.

Needless to say, Jose persevered.  Fast forward to the present day, and he now gets to relax a bit while son, Rick, and daughter, Denise, take the lead on running the business.  He still comes in every day to make sure things are functioning smoothly, and he also makes executive decisions.  You might catch him making a quick delivery or the occasional sales call.   Jose remains very active, and when not at work he is a competitive bowler and enjoys playing soccer.  He and Irma have five grandchildren.




They say that behind every successful man is a great woman.  Irma shares her husband’s passion for the business.   She is highly skilled at material bonding and forming, and often trains new employees.  She handles some of the quality control aspects of production and then carefully packages the finished product.  Irma keeps inventory records and is our go-to person when we need to find something.  Aside from that, she oversees Employee Relations and Payroll Services. No one knows how she does it, but she keeps an eye on everything.  Irma truly is the glue that holds Aviles Plastics together.

When not at the shop, Irma actually works some more at home.  You can find her cooking a delicious meal, gardening, or organizing something.  She also enjoys watching Spanish telenovelas once in a while, and keeping in touch with her family in Mexico.  Every now and then, she likes to play bingo at our local casino.  She also loves to spend time with her grandkids: Hugo, Ariana, Miranda, Lily and Isabella.



Production and Sales Manager

Believe it or not, when Rick was seven years old, knew he wanted to follow in his dad’s footsteps.  When people would ask him what he wanted to be when he grew up, he would put on his serious face and say, “I want to be a businessman.”

Rick has been managing the production side of the business for several years now. He is in charge of job costing and estimating, design and prototyping, project setup and management, quality control, and CNC programming.  Amazingly enough, he picked up the CAD programming and 3-dimensional design while on the job.  On his personal time, Rick is an avid poker player and enjoys playing recreational soccer.  He attended UW- Parkside where he studied Business Management and Criminal Justice.  He has two lovely daughters and is a huge Green Bay Packers fan.



Administration Manager

Denise has been managing the office functions for over a decade, and even did so remotely while she lived in Madison. Her knack for business administration comes from her mom, Irma, who taught her the importance of organization and how to efficiently run the office at a very young age. Aside from managing the daily business operations, Denise also spearheads customer service, volume packaging, logistics, and occasionally manages a production project.

When not at work, she enjoys reading, traveling, vegan living, and watching reality TV shows. She attended UW-Madison and majored in Political Science and minored in Chicano Studies, and then went on to graduate from the UW Law School.  She has two playful bunny rabbit, and is involved in animal rescue and fostering.

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