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Plastic Fabrication

We provide a range of  high-quality custom plastic fabrication services that include precision cutting, heat and cold forming, and edge finishing.  Our material bonding processes, which include UV technology, produce museum-quality seams.  Our bending capabilities run up to 0.5” in thickness and 96” lengths with a ± 3° tolerance.  Our equipment can cut various materials up to 2”  thick with dimensions that reach a flat size of 60” x 120” with a ±0.004” tolerance throughout production.  We offer low to high volume production runs, including prototyping services. Assembly and packaging services are available.  Lead times will vary based on project complexity and size, and are quoted on an individual basis.

For more information on our Plastic fabrication capabilities, please click here

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CNC Machining

We offer a variety of precision CNC machining services to cut and shape custom components for use in a wide spectrum of applications and industries.  We can work with a broad range of materials with our state of the art routing and knife cutting equipment.  Our experts create parts to a tight ± .004 tolerance of the specifications throughout production.

Lead times will vary depending on project complexity and size, and are quoted on an individual basis. (please note: typical turnaround time for most jobs is within a 1 week period).
Rush services are available.

For more information on our CNC and  precision cutting capablities, please click here.


Screen Printing

In the past, the printing process was called screen printing or silkscreen printingbecause silk was used in the process prior to the invention of polyester mesh.  It is a printing technique that uses a woven mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil to create an image.  Basically, the stencil in the mesh is used to apply ink as a sharp-edged image onto a variety of substrates, such as plastic, wood, glass, and metal, and more.   As such, screen printing is more versatile than traditional printing techniques.
Our screen printing experts make the films and screens in-house, and have the ability to color match to meet the customer’s specifications.  We can manage small runs including printed prototypes and can also  produce quantities greater than 10,000 parts efficiently and economically.
A 1% material overage allowance is required.

For more information on our screen printing capabilities,
please click here.

Packaging and Shipping Services

iStock Boxes on Pallet 895x536We offer safe and secure packaging services that include poly-bagging, boxing, labeling, palletizing, bundling, and shrink-wrapping . Our logistics staff can help you ship your items locally or internationally. Local delivery services are also available.

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