At Aviles Plastics, we build relationships through proactivity, precision, and reliability—and empower you to strengthen yours. We’ve worked with many of our customers for decades, helping them manifest two-dimensional plans in three-dimensional reality.


To build meticulously-crafted fabrications that empower customers to grow their business.​

Our Story

In 1987, Jose Aviles, then a plant manager at a Brookfield plastics company, decided to set out on his own.

The company was having financial difficulties and had been laying off workers. Jose had four children to support and needed work he could rely on. He believed he had the skills and enough connections to start his own fabrication company.


Aviles began at a table in the corner of an old building behind the Aviles family home. Without sophisticated machinery, Jose struggled to convince customers he had what it took to fulfill their orders. 


For the first three months, he received none. He asked his wife, Irma, to take on second shift so he could continue to call on customers during the day. With a relentless charm, he showed them examples of his precise work and asked them to give him a chance. 

Finally, in October of that year, Jose caught a few breaks. As small orders started coming in, the banker who bought the building where he worked offered to sell it to him. Jose pulled together a team to overhaul the space and optimize it for efficient production. He finally had a workspace he was proud to show prospects. 


Today, Aviles operates out of a 40,000 square foot warehouse and counts nationally-known companies among its customers.


“You have to believe in yourself,” says Jose. “And I had no doubt I was going to being successful. Success comes with trusting yourself.”


Work With Pride

The Aviles Plastics team takes tremendous pride in its work. Focused and detail-oriented, the Aviles team boasts some of the most skilled and experienced fabricators in the Milwaukee area, and it’s the team’s skill, expertise, and work ethic that empowers it to provide thoughtful, remarkable craftsmanship.

Collaborate Toward Success

The team’s ability to come together to work toward common goals is a big driver of Aviles Plastics’ success.Team members have a strong sense of trust in one another. Each is willing to share their knowledge, or learn a better way to do something, collaborating to make sure the task—or product—at hand is meticulously fabricated. The Aviles team works together to proactively problem solve their customers’ issues until they get it perfect.

Be a Problem Solver

The Aviles team strives to always find a workable solution. When a design isn’t viable, the team will offer alternative ideas until the customer’s needs are not just met, but exceeded. Whether there’s a better material for a particular project or a way to maximize yield, Aviles will figure it out and make suggestions until the job is done right—every time.

Just Keep Building

Aviles Plastics was founded by Jose Aviles, who persevered in the face of adversity to start the company from the ground-up; the team maintains that spirit today. Aviles prides itself on fast turn-around. The team keeps working until it finds the right solution to get the job done well and on time.

Our Team



Jose founded Aviles Plastics in the summer of 1987. Working out of an old building behind his family’s home without equipment, he purchased pre-cut pieces of acrylic to fulfill small orders. With the proceeds from those orders, he finally was able to buy and construct a few machines. In the early days of Aviles, Jose handled everything from sales, to design and layout, to fabrication and shipping. 


After decades of successfully building relationships with customers, some of whom still rely on Aviles today, Jose has placed the business in the hands of his son, Rick, and daughter, Denise. He still comes in every day to ensure smooth operations, make executive decisions, and even the occasional delivery or sales call. When not at work he is a competitive bowler and enjoys playing soccer. He and his wife Irma have five grandchildren.



Key to the proactivity and precision that define Aviles, Irma is highly skilled at material bonding and forming. She handles some of the quality control and packaging aspects of production, in addition to keeping track of inventory. When we need to find something, we can count on Irma to know where it is. She also oversees employee relations, training, and payroll services.


When not at the shop, Irma enjoys cooking, gardening, bingo, and organizing her home. She also enjoys watching the occasional telenovela, and keeping in touch with her family in Mexico. She also loves to spend time with her grandkids: Hugo, Ariana, Miranda, Lily and Isabella.



From the time he was a kid, Rick knew he would follow in his father’s footsteps. When people would ask him what he wanted to be when he grew up, he would put on his serious face and say, “I want to be a businessman.”


Rick has managed the production side of the business for several years. He handles pricing and estimating, design and prototyping, project setup and management, quality control, and CNC programming.


In his free time, Rick plays poker and soccer. He attended UW- Parkside where he studied Business Management and Criminal Justice. He has two daughters and is an avid Green Bay Packers fan.



Denise has managed administrative functions for over 20 years. Her knack for business administration comes from her mom, Irma, who taught her the importance of organization and how to efficiently run the office at a very young age. Aside from managing the daily business operations, Denise also spearheads customer service, volume packaging, logistics, and occasionally manages production projects.


When not at work, she enjoys reading, traveling, vegan living, and watching reality TV shows. She attended UW-Madison, where she majored in Political Science and minored in Chicano Studies. Denise then went on to graduate from the UW Law School. She has two playful bunny rabbits, and is involved in animal rescue and fostering.

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